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9 tips for meeting with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams  enables you to host and participate in more productive meetings and invite anyone to join, even if they are not a Teams user. This blog offers 9 tips to  have more productive meetings with attendees in and outside your organization.

Security and Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams follows all the security best practices and procedures, as part of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 services. This article details how Teams handles common security threats through defense-in-depth, customer controls within the service, security hardening, and operational best practices. Teams is trustworthy by design and provides details of its security framework to keep users well-protected.

J Walter Thompson breaks new ground with Microsoft collaboration tools

J Walter Thompson has been successful in business for over 150 years and recognizes everyone in their company has different work styles. Because they are such a major distributor across many different countries, they've embraced virtual forms of communication and collaboration with Microsoft Teams. This allows them to move at the speed of culture to help position its clients' brands. The value it brings to clients is being brand pioneers, and Teams is a lifesaver in connecting and interacting, and is easy for their user base to adopt.

Derby County  Community Trust puts its trust in Microsoft Teams

Whether teaching Physical Education courses virtually or  conducting virtual prenatal visits, Derby County Community Trust is leveraging Microsoft Teams to provide  essential  services  across the county. Colleagues  are empowered to work  more efficiently together  and connect  better with people in the community.

Why build an app for Teams?

Why build an app for Teams? 20 million people collaborating daily, harnessing the possibilities through collaboration. This infographic shares how apps built on Teams platform focus on increasing collaboration and productivity.

Rapidly-growing UK restaurant chain migrates key business processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365

TGI Friday's popular and rapidly-growing restaurant franchise in the UK wanted a more scalable, flexible platform for core business processes. To support its ambitious growth, the franchise is consolidating business operations starting with financial management on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Built-in functionality and ease-of-use mean that TGI Friday's can continue to onboard more business processes while expanding its franchise. Benefits include lower costs, easier access to data, and better insight.

How to Use Microsoft Teams

In this step-by-step tutorial for beginners, learn how to use Microsoft Teams—the collaboration app with all your chats, meetings, and files in one place. Learn what it is, how you can get it, and how you can use it, as well as advanced tips and tricks.

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Digital transformation in healthcare is revolutionizing how we perceive our interactions with technology. Telemedicine, medical devices enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain electronic health records (EHRs) are just some of the technologies that are helping improve patient-provider interactions. With the overall goal of enhancing patient care, the modern healthcare industry is seeking to streamline physicians' work, optimize systems, improve patient outcomes, reduce human error, and lower costs via amazing web and mobile experiences. Subscribe now for the latest insights into how Microsoft for Healthcare is empowering providers via better tools and more efficient solutions to increase patient satisfaction.