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Effective retail solutions provide stakeholders with relevant information and insights. Whether you're building shelves that help shoppers find curated offers, apps that give insights into business performance, or work tools that empower employees to do more with less, you must also provide the data that each user needs to make better-informed decisions. Subscribe now to learn more about how you can create high-impact solutions that elevate customers' shopping experiences through the power of Microsoft Retail Solutions.

Work remotely, stay secure—guidance for CISOs

As  organizations  have had to  quickly  pivot to new working environments, cyberattacks have become an urgent concern.  In this thought leadership article, you can learn  some of the best practices using Microsoft  security  that help ensure the best protection.  Examples include  secure access to cloud applications that protect sign-ins with  security defaults,  methods to  manage and secure corporate data in approved apps on personal devices,  and  providing clear and basic information, including how to protect their devices, will help you and employees stay ahead of  threats so  they can remain productive. 

Security beyond Microsoft products

With Microsoft, security can be simple once again. Microsoft 365 provides an intelligent security hub that works seamlessly across platforms, going far beyond Microsoft—to Linux and Mac, to AWS and beyond, so you can manage mission critical workloads with the right tools at your fingertips. Watch the video to learn more.

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Securing your remote workers

Quickly pivot to remote work while turning on built-in security controls to help your workers stay secure. In our e-book, "Securing your remote workers," you'll learn how you can secure remote workers the following ways: Enable remote access to apps to successfully connect a remote workforce. Manage devices and apps to secure your remote workforce. Protect your data, apps, and endpoints against threats and security risks. Each nonprofit facing these challenges has different needs. This guide aims to show how you can use your existing investments in Microsoft 365 to secure your organization where it needs it most.

Vision of innovation

Among the objectives of digital transformation is making information more accessible to those who need it, whether they're consumers, decision-makers, or employees. The retail industry is no exception, and businesses have taken advantage of many innovative solutions to enrich their stakeholders' experiences by using customer-facing applications and digital workplace tools. Retailers now have better insights into how their customers perceive their brands, and these businesses are able to make more-informed decisions. In this video, you'll discover how industry leader Kroger is using Microsoft technology to empower its consumers, employees, and CPG providers with unique digital solutions.

Microsoft Threat Protection stops attack sprawl and auto-heals enterprise assets with built-in intelligence and automation

Attackers will cross multiple domains, such as email, identity, endpoints, and applications, to find the point of least resistance. Today's defense solutions have been designed to protect, detect, and block threats for each domain separately, allowing attackers to exploit the seams and threshold differences between solutions—leaving the organization vulnerable to attack.  Microsoft  Threat Protection stops attack sprawl and auto-heals enterprise assets with built in intelligence and automation. Access this article to learn more.

Mobile solutions for retailers: Off the shelf or private label?

As mobile devices became more user-friendly, media-focused, and accessible, consumers gain always-on access to the benefits of digital transformation. Such devices also provide retail businesses with the tools to create more-personalized experiences tailored to each user's unique preferences and shopping habits. But the benefits don't stop there. Retailers have realized that digital technology can be as useful for customer-facing applications as it is for internal processes, and they've started employing it to help their workers provide immediate solutions to customer issues. While mobile solutions have become crucial tools for employees, they pose a new challenge for retailers: Should they choose private-label or off-the-shelf devices? In this article, you'll learn about the pros and cons of each to help you decide which works best for your business.